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PRODUCT AND SERVICE BROCHURES: Differentiate yourself from your competition!

A good product or service brochure needs to be like your head sales person: it needs to make the reader feel comfortable, define your products or services clearly while differentiating them from the competition, provide credibility and elicit a response.

This needs to be framed in professional design and creative photography that generates the image desired and reinforces the readers trust with its professionalism. Like your logo, your brochure is creating a huge impression of your company. Make sure its creating the image you intend!

Beyond the image, the content must be appropriate to the audience. It must have a clear hierarchy so that a potential client gets the foundational principles of the company, then can easily pick through the product/service information. A corporate brochure should differentiate each product or service from its competition and have credible case histories or testimonials to win over confidence. Edwards Communications uses a propriety and comprehensive template for achieving maximum results with your brochures (or web sites, ads...).


lake metroparks locations and maps

The above brochure for Lake Metroparks is 28 pages. It provides concise information on each of their parks, a detailed and graphic map and charted list of the many amenities. The challenge with this brochure was designing this immense amount of information in a clear, legible manner while maintaining the clean, professional image of Lake Metroparks. This brochure was awarded Best Publication in the State by The Ohio Parks & Recreation Association.


Size Does Matter!
A standard 8.5 x 11" tri-fold brochure or something larger? The answer to this is easier than you may think: If its going out mostly in #10 envelopes with a cover letter, and/or sitting in a rack for public consumption, the tri-fold is the best bet. Otherwise, I encourage larger sizes that capture attention and look more unique.

JP Horizons Working Smarter brochure

The above brochure targets the corporate audience and introduces JP Horizons' Working Smarter Training Challenge to them. Its part of a multimedia campaign (see Logos/Corporate ID) aimed at promoting their unique way of integrating the LEAN culture into the workplace. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.


Case Western Reserve University brochure

The above brochure for Case Western Reserve University promotes their Weatherhead School of Management's Executive programs. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.


Manhattan Consultants brochure

Promotional brochure for Manhattan Consultants, Inc. I like using this 6.5 x 9.5 (when folded) format for mid-sized companies as it looks more impressive than an 8.5 x 11" tri-fold, but is flexible in its uses. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.


Cleveland Clinic 4th Angel brochure

The Cleveand Clinic's 4th Angel Program brochure. IMG commissioned Edwards Communications to design this.


ACG brochure by Barry Edwards

Edwards Communications design this brochure for ACG – which specializes in placing minorities in executive positions. All photography is stock, provided by Edwards Communications.


M & M brochure done by Barry Edwards for IMG

Edwards Communications was commissioned by IMG (International Marketing Group) to design this 16-page brochure as a media kit for M&Ms race sponsorship.


Analist International brochure by Edwards Communicationsa

Technical brochure for an e-commerce division of Analyst s International. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.


Marous Brothers Construction Promotional brochure designed by Barry Edwards

Edwards Communications designed t his 24-page promotional brochure for Cleveland developer, Marous Brothers Construction. It featured custom and stock photography.


Lake Metroparks Wedding Brochure by Barry Edwards

Another example of the 9.5 x 6.5 format. This brochure promotes the hosting of Weddings at Lake Metroparks in Lake County, Ohio.


Lake Metroparks Farmpark brochure

Flagship brochure for Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, Ohio. Lake Metroparks provided the digital photography. Barry Edwards created montage art from it.



Two-Color? Four -Color?
These days, thanks to technology and increased competition, 4-color (full color) printing is almost as cost effective as 2-color. Considering that marketing statistics show that 4-color is nearly twice as effective, its best not to be penny wise but dollar foolish.

However, when a particular paper stock is needed or the brochure needs changed and re-printed regularly, it is still sometimes better to go with 2-colors and I can get more out of two colors than anyone else I know thanks to some techniques I've developed over the years. I have several 2-color brochures in the samples at the right.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Brochures are (or should be) unique to each company and your's requires personalized and experienced attention!

Tri C's Career Place by Edwards Communications

Cuyahoga Community College commissioned Edwards Communications with designing this 2-color brochure for their division, Career Place. While frequent updates to this brochure called for the less expensive, 2-color tri-fold, the brochure still needed to scream out to students looking for job placement opportunities. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.

L.Stevens Company by Barry Edwards

A 6.5 x 9.5" (when folded) 2-color brochure promoting L.Stevens Company Employment Specialists. Project included logo design as well. Stock photography provided by Edwards Communications.


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