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FOLDERS AND INSERTS: A complete marketing package!
Potential customers want an overview of your company. They want to know your mission statement and need an outline of your products and services. Most importantly, they want to know how you differentiate yourself from your competitor

Like your logo, this represents your entire company and is often mailed with nothing more than a cover letter–so it needs to be as comprehensive and professional as budget allows.

These communications also act as a perfect sales tool for your representative! With professional photos and strategic headlines and subheads, your marketing folder serves as an outlined reference as your representative introduces your company’s benefits and uniqueness to potential customers. We’ll help pinpoint your company’s strengths and show your prospect why he can’t say no!

Keep in mind that your marketing folder is often filed along with your competitors’ folders. How does yours measure up?

Design Molded Plastics folder

Above: Design Molded Plastics Folder and Inserts. Also created 3D logo. All photography custom shot on location by Edwards Communications.

Right: Folder for Winchester Hills Corporate Housing. Included logo design and floor plan renderings.

Below left: Great Lakes Medieval Faire promotional folder, logo design, copywriting and custom photography.

Below Right: Everdry Waterproofing. All photography custom shot on location by Edwards Communications.

Winchester Hills folder
Great Lakes Medieval Faire everdry folder and inserts
Urban League's Real Source division IEM Fusion folder

Above Left: Urban League division, "RealSource" promotional folder

Above right: IEM Fusion promotional folder. Included custom photography and subsequent illustration. Also included inserts.

Right: Midland Title folder. Included custom illustration. Also had an incredible set of inserts, but I designed this so long ago, I no longer have them.

Below Left: Midland Title division, First American folder and inserts. Included 3D illustration.

Midland Title folder and inserts
Midland First American folder  
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