This is a legacy page for magazine ads I've done over the years.

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Magazine ads provide identity branding and/or directly promote the sales and services. Ads are a powerful promotional tool when utilized correctly, but are a expensive investment in your company and therefore should be developed with experienced professionals at the helm.

An ad usually has only "2 seconds to sell" - that is, a reader glances over the material for an average of two seconds before deciding if he/she should read further. Therefore, the offer, concept, imagery and text must work in a clear and complementary hierarchy in order to attract the target audience.

Edwards Communications provides complete advertising services: from helping decide WHERE the dollars are best spent, to concieving and producing the ads themselves. Call or email us for more information on how to invest this money more effectively.

Lake metroparks ad

Above: Ad for Lake Metroparks – longtime friend and client of Edwards Communications and some of my favorite work.

Below: Double pagepage spread (11 x 17") for Lake Metroparks .


Lake metroparks2
City of Mentor ad City of Mentor ad2
JHall Design ads

Above left and right: Ads for the City of Mentor placed in special sections of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and News Herald.

Left: Two 1/2 page ads for JHall Design placed in Cleveland Magazine.



Below left: City of Mentor's annual Festival on the Lagoons ad for Cleveland Magazine.

Below right: JP Horizon ad promoting one of their many national events.


Festival on the Lagoons


JP Horizons ad
Wildwood art festival

Left: Color and black and white versions of Willoughby Wildwood Fine Arts & Crafts ads for Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Below left: JP Horizons' Sales Jam 2006. Another national event that... unfortunately got rescheduled from its unfortunate location. Katrina hit 2 months before it was to take place.

Below right: International ad for Datatrak International. Part of a complete branding package that included 16-page brochure, trade show display, t-shirts and CD ROMs.


JP Horizons Sales Jam

Datatrak International Ad
PickWick and Frolic ad

Left: 8.5  x 11 ad for PickWick & Frolic. Ran in the Event Expo 2009's Showbook.