This is a legacy page for various trade show art I've done over the years.

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SPECIAL FEATURE ICS Trade Show Display Art
November 2010

Edwards Communications recently finished this trade show display art for Kentucky IT company, Information Capture Systems. Far more than catchy trade show graphics, this art is being utilized in their upcoming re-designed web site as part of an enhanced branding campaign. ICS digitizes traditional documents, then processes and organizes the information; increasing the efficiency of their clientele.

8' trade show display art for ICS


TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS: Larger than life marketing!

Trade shows put you in front of your target audience – but also in front of your competition. It's imperative to have a highly professional image that puts your product or service in a better light than your competition.

Trade shows lay it all on the line for your company. Well-designed trade show art draws prospects' attention and must communicate, within two seconds, an enticing message while displaying your image in a professional and memorable light.


trade show art for Heat Seal by Barry Edwards: Edwards Communications

The above trade show art is Heat Seal''s 20 x 20' display. Custom photography by Jim Baron of Baron Photography. This design was meant to say a lot with imagery and little with text as the floor in front will be crowded with machinery. This design is part of the on going branding campaign that I've been working on with Heat Seal for about two years.


Novar trade show display

The above trade show art is from Novar's 20 x 20' display that utilized a game to attract attention. Also accompanied with a treasure chest on a sand surface. Water bottles with the above artwork on them and enticing headline (also designed by Edwards Communications) were distributed throughout the show to further increase traffic and awareness.

Right: 10' high trade show art that Edwards Communications developed for Cleveland area DJ company, the Marino Brothers. This art needed to reflect the Marino Brother's energy, enthusiasm, progressiveness and professionalism.


marino brothers trade show art

Datatrak trade show display

10 x 10' art for DATATRAK International. Part of a comprehensive branding campaign.



Above: This is just a segment of a very large display. As it was very complicated to produce, I created a rough layout (below) to ensure accuracy of communication with the printer.


Edwards Communications trade show art

Above: My own 10 x 10' trade show display complete with custom side banners that can be utilized separately.

Power Sport Institute trade show display

10 x 10' Display for The Power Sport Institute. The inside, black column is reserved for video monitors.


trade show banners


Banners have become very common today as they are extremely cost effective, portable and easy to set up. Note that there needs to be a 12" leader at the bottom for hardware purposes.

SME Cleveland banner


This is a legacy page for tradeshow art I've done over the years.

Please go to EdwardsCom.net for my newer site. Thank you