This is a legacy page for various (old) websites I've done over the years.

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SPECIAL FEATURE Edwardscom launches 3 new sites – all with easy to use CMS (Customer Management Systems), endless upgradeability, internal and external (client) interaction, password protection as needed and more.


Leader Initiatives is a start-up that offers training in supervisory skills. The web site needs to be updated constantly with new course materials, course locations and times, e-commerce payment and so forth. Its imperative to have a user-friendly interface for my client to add and edit certain pages himself. The site is part of an entire branding campaign that includes logo, slogan, website, business cards, course material covers and direct mail.

web site: Leadership Initiatives.com

Aircraft Welding.com

I designed Aircraft Welding's original site nearly 10 years ago. A lot has changed over those years and the site was well overdue for updating - as was the logo. The new logo is a careful balance of nostalgia and contemporary. Same can be said for the site itself. Aircraft Welding has a long, proud history and I was careful to keep one foot in it as I updated this site that has increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and an easy to use CMS so the client can add Press Releases on a regular basis. It also encourages feedback and testimonials from clients.

Aircraft Welding


DBS communications

Another site that I originally designed years ago (see below) as well as their logo. DBS asked for what most people ask for today, "A site that we can easily update and add to ourselves and also has the ability to communicate back and forth with clientele". The site has that and more.

DBS Communications 2011



MyNameShop.com E-Commerce site

Edwards Communications launched this newly designed e-commerce site in June 2010. The site sells customized baby and kid products that are individually personalized (baby blankets, bibs, diaper covers, t-shirts and such). This full-featured site has built in inventory tracking, newsletter eblasts, sign-up capabilities, gift certificate and coupon generation, and of course, credit card processing all within its virtual shopping cart. Give it a visit and let me know what you think!

MyNameShop.com e-commerce web site by Edwards Communications



JP Horizons web site

WEB SITE AND INTERACTIVE DESIGN: Web sites are today's Yellow Pages – but with unlimited space and color!!

Nothing is more economical to reach unlimited numbers of potential buyers than a web presence. At the very least, each company should have an introduction to their products or services and contact information as more people search for services via the internet today than the telephone book.

But a web site at its potential will differentiate you from your competition, enhancing your brand identity while enticing the purchase. Each company is unique and the internet allows limitless possibilities to showcase this.

Edwards Communications provides copy editing, design, animation and graphics calibration that allows you to stand up and be seen (and heard).

Interactive design is similar to web site development in that I create an interactive interface that is user-friendly to the target audience (see example below). This is an example of engineering and design merging to provide truly radical and useful IT solutions for the general public.


Right: Web site design for long time friend and client to Edwards Communications, JP Horizons. This elaborate site is mostly Flash driven, supplying much animation and interactivity, but laid into html layouts. There are many facets and we updated regularly.

Below: An earlier JP Horizons rendition. This one featuring a unique graphical interface that made their very complicated ideologies easy to navigate through and took away the intimidation factor.

jp horizons web site 2


Below:  A JP Horizons sub site. Part of a complete marketing campaign. This site shares its unique branding with the service brochure designed by Edwards Communications. They convey the "re-envisioned" LEAN process that JP Horizons has been implementing worldwide.

jph_lean site


Below: LogiSync Website Re-design



Below: Initial LogiSync Website design

Logisync web site


Below: Personal Baby Products by Randesign. Full e-commerce site designed and programmed by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications. Site supports PayPal,  Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. Full forms and shopping cart integration and very cost effective. The first month after launching this re-design, this site received twice as many hits (57,500) as its predecessor ever did in its best month.


Below: Creative Image web site also featuring Flash effects

Creative Image Agency


Below:: Aircraft Welding web site featuring Flash effects

Aircraft Welding


Below: DBS Communications web site and logo design.

DBS Communications


Below: Edwards Communications provided its design services to the Cleveland Business Run – a marathon and carnival event aimed at business professionals and benefits the American Diabetes Association and Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) of Cleveland. Includes Flash animated intro.

The Cleveland Business Run web site by Barry Edwards



Graphical Interface

Today's environment consists more and more of humans interacting with hardware that, in turn, interacts with software. Our engineers are creating more sophisticated IT solutions than ever before. What used to be a solution targeted to a highly educated end-user now often is intended for use by our unskilled labor, elderly and so forth. Designers like myself are finding an exciting and necessary nitch in bridging the gap between the engineer and the public .

Below: I worked with the engineers who developed an IT solution that needed an interface that could be utilized by the average person with little training. I enjoyed this project immensely as well as the team I worked with. I studied many different acclaimed web sites and interfaces and went through many evolutions of refinement to come up with this system and design that is geared for the utmost simplicity in use and efficiency .

The end poduct is patent-pending and I've signed non-disclosure agreements, so much of what is seen below is altered. What I can say is that this merging of design and technology is extremely necessary to the success of IT developers... and to the public!


I created this custom Flash presention to assist in the educating of clients in using whole life insurance policies as a means of financing. Some slides are timed to animate after several seconds. Others have a gold arrow to denote that they will animate when clicked. Its designed to run off a PC and projector, so the file is pretty big (about 4 megabytes). If you care to be patient and play with the real thing, just click on it. It will take a minute or so to load.

Flash custom presentation


Digital ads, banners, etc.

Below: An advertisement to attract attention to an upcoming event. The graphic started upon entering this page. To view it in its entirety, please hit "refresh". I will put a play button on it after I finish the rest of the site - sorry for the inconvenience. — Barry Edwards

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Below: Flash animated intro into Aircraft Welding web site.

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Below: One of many animated gifs I've done for various web publications. They're not hard to produce, just hard to do so that they attract the intended audience's attention.Web banner

Networking Cleveland

networking Cleveland

Two banner ads for NetworkingCleveland.net. The ads area ppearing on our media sponsor's web site, 107.3 The Wave.

I designed the Networking Cleveland web site and am co-promoting with partners Hank Frisch and Rick Turner.




Email Campaigns

Email campaigns - newsletter, special offers, event postings - are a critical part of doing business today. Its important to know HOW to design them and how NOT to design them so that they can be viewed with as much consistency as possible in the plethora of email programs currently used. That being said, they're also a huge part of your branding and should look as professional as your web site and other promotional items.

Click on them for full size versions.

SME email campaign

Event Expo email campaign